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City Considering Facebook Users To Guard Canatara Park

Canatara Park - City of Sarnia

In the face of the rising costs of vandalism at Canatara and other parks maintained by the city, Sarnia Police and the parks department are looking to tap into Sarnia’s plentiful reservoir of important Facebook comments to resolve the issues easily and cheaply.

“We were looking for complicated solutions when the simplest ones were right in front of us,” said Deputy Police Chief Bob Farlow .

According to Farlow, the plan would assign several dozen individuals to a post somewhere in one of Sarnia’s parks on a daily basis, where they are instructed to solve all the vandalism problems in their area according to advice they’ve given in their own Facebook comments on the matter.

Farlow said “Everyone in Sarnia with a Facebook account knows exactly who is responsible for all the problems and how to fix it, and they’re so quick and reliable in letting us know. We’re just cutting out the middle man and letting them handle it.”

Dozens of Facebook comments have filled community pages since the city began talks to tackle the problem, individuals offering detailed advice on how to stop the vandalism.

“I’d just hang them upside down by their toes” – Robert Fraser.

“Where are their mothers?? I’d just drag their mothers down there and make them explain what they did!” – Elaine Foster

“I don’t understand why someone from the city can’t just go and sit near each building around the clock and catch them in the act and PANTS THEM!” – Jim Smith. 

“WHY!?!?! STOP! SARNIAS SO STUPID” – Jennifer McDonald

“This is what happens when you don’t teach kids cursive writing and tell them its ok to wear shorts in a learning environment” – Bill Vandermeer


Beth Gignac, Sarnia Parks and Recreation Director said “The citizens are an untapped resource of really smart ideas and skills that a well-funded, well-staffed municipality could never compete with and we should have thought to use them sooner.”

Most Residents Dislike Being Robbed: Sarnia Police Poll

Sarnia Residents Dislike Being Robbed: Sarnia Police Poll

According to a new poll conducted by Sarnia Police, 60% of residents don’t like being robbed.

Police Chief Phil Nelson is not surprised by the findings.
“This makes a lot of sense,” says Chief Nelson. “We always suspected that people didn’t enjoy being victimized.”

Over 600 Sarnia residents were victims of staged robbery before being presented with a survey with several questions about how they felt about robbery and whether they felt robbery had become more of a problem recently. According to the poll results, the number of residents concerned with being robbed has increased 94% during the past 3 years. 72% thought the person robbing them was courteous and polite for a person waving a gun in their face and 88% of those polled wanted their wallets back.

Chief Nelson said that the police service plan to make good use of the profound revelations that came out of the poll.

“It’s very clear to us that we’re going to need to dedicate increased resources to combat burglary.”

Bank Robbery Suspects Sought

Bank Robbery Suspects Sought - Sarnia Police - Sarnia Post

Suspects are being sought by Sarnia Police after an early morning bank robbery downtown Sarnia.

Police believe that two suspects used excavation equipment to enter the bank through the building rooftop shortly after 2:00am this morning.

The police have asked the public to help identify the suspects seen in the above image captured from security camera footage.

“We’re very confident that we’ll find these suspects quickly thanks to the images captured by video surveillance,” said Const. Sam Lawrence of the Sarnia Police. “Once a suspect’s face is shown to the public like this there isn’t many places they can go… they’ll probably turn themselves in.”

Anyone with information should contact Sarnia Police or Crime Stoppers.