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Local Politician Literally Kicks Can Down Road

Sarnia Politician Literally Kicks Can Down Road - Sarnia Post

Sometimes leadership is about resolving to keep going, no matter what obstacles are in your path.

For several decades, Sarnia City Councillor Dave Boushy has been arriving at city hall every month to resume kicking a can down the road.

“Most people want to do their job and go home, but sometimes there’s something inconvenient in your way and you have to kick it out of the way until the next time it ends up in your path,” said Boushy. “You can rest easy knowing someone else will clean up the mess years later or take the blame, it won’t affect you.”

Boushy said that his sentiments are echoed by many longer-serving representatives at city and county council.

“Why should we have to deal with the situation? I don’t want to touch that can, leave it for staff or kids to pick up when they are older.”

Boushy also said that he has noticed a high number of cans rolling around in the last few years and doesn’t understand why.

“We have lots of staff, we pay them money, why are cans on the ground?”

Bailey, Hudak Praise Closure of ‘Socialist’ Kellogg’s Plant

Hudak, Bailey Praise Closure of 'Socialist' Kellogg's Plant

The closure of a Kellogg’s plant was sad news for several London-area families, but some of Ontario’s leaders are celebrating.

Sarnia-Lambton MPP and Progressive Conservative Cereal Critic Bob Bailey joined members of the press and PC Leader Tim Hudak early Thursday morning to talk about recent job loss in Ontario.  When asked about 500 jobs being lost with this week’s announcement of a Kellogg’s plant in London closing down, Bailey and Hudak offered celebratory remarks.

“They’ve shoved two scoops of raisins into every box of Raisin Bran and down our throats. Hard-working Ontarians have been looking forward to a day when they could put as many raisins as they want in their own cereal without having to support the lazy and entitled who don’t work for their own raisins,” said MPP Bob Bailey.

Tim Hudak said “The Kellogg Company promotes socialist agendas that have no place in Ontario and we’re happy to see them move out of the London area. The workers should learn to be grateful for what they have and are lucky they were paid at all.”

“Every one of my constituents back home knows what sort of company Kellogg is,” said Bailey.

When asked about the recent Heinz closure in Leamington, Hudak said he didn’t like the company’s pro-immigration agenda.

“I don’t know what they mean when they talk about 57 varieties on their ketchup packaging, but I think we all have an idea,” said the PC Leader.