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Man Insists On Using Sidewalk, Traffic Signals During Artwalk

Artwalk - Downtown Sarnia - Traffic Lights

Several downtown Sarnia streets have been partially blocked off since Friday night as Artwalk kicks off and the streets fill with vendors, performers and pedestrians, but one pedestrian still respects the rules.

Don Bowman was visiting from Petrolia and was sure to remain on sidewalks and obey all pedestrian rules as if there was no Artwalk at all.

“It’s crazy, nobody will move out of my way, the sidewalks are full of people just standing there,” said Don Bowman of Petrolia.

Sarnian Brad Thomas was watching a performance where he said he witnessed Mr. Bowman wait for a walk signal at the Davis & Christina St. traffic lights before crossing toward him on the sidewalk.

“I don’t know what his problem was, this old man just kind of stood there staring at me on the sidewalk, he could have just walked around the crowd through the street,” said Brad.

Before leaving, Mr. Bowman insisted that pedestrians need to respect what he called the “rules of society.”

“It’s this kind of thing that leads to pandemonium, someone’s going to get hurt! Maybe I’ve had enough so-called art for one day.”

Artwalk made its 14th annual return to Sarnia’s downtown, continuing through Saturday and Sunday

Man Finally Gets To Show Adults Cool Treehouse Plans

A new vision for Bayside Mall

After decades of yanking on pant legs and pleading with grownups to look at his drawing, a man finally has their attention.

Several downtown residents and business owners attended an information session Monday night where plans were unveiled by a developer who recently acquired the Bayside Centre and five surrounding properties.

“It’s really cool, I think they think it’s cool too, because climbing into a tree house and going inside where you putted all your stuff is cool,” said Gordon Laschinger of Wilsondale Assets Management.

The drawing took two entire recesses at school, explained Laschinger.

“Before nobody would look when I showed it to them, but now that we bought half of downtown with some of our own money, all the adults near by have to look at my picture of it and it’s really fun.”

Laschinger is confident in the plans, but remains open to feedback.

“Some of the big people didn’t like all my ideas but we made it better for them and they might like it now,” he said.

First Friday: See Chad’s Band Tonight

Chad's Band to play at First Friday show

Once again it’s First Friday, where all manner of food, art and musical entertainment are enjoyed in Sarnia’s downtown area.

This week, you can see Chad’s Band play.

“We’re not so much a cover band, but more of a band that like…plays a lot of sort-of covers,” Chad said as he glanced over to Other Chad.

Other Chad’s performance is important to him.

“Yeah, we want to make sure that we are so loud that anyone who didn’t realize that bands might be playing tonight and decided to have a casual meal or drink with a friend can’t enjoy themselves,” he said. “They probably won’t want to pay attention to oddly timed versions of songs they ignore on the radio so it’s the only way to make them pay attention.”

“It’s also important that we take ourselves seriously enough that it’s off-putting,” Chad explained. “But just when people get comfortable with that though, we want to make sure we stop playing and start joking around to interrupt their conversations before we play another song twice as loud.”

First Friday events have been quite popular during the past couple years, though attendance seems to wax and wane a bit.

“Sometimes next to nobody shows up at our shows and we say we don’t care,” Chad said. “It is a bummer though and we don’t understand it because we send out like a thousand of those Facebook event invitation things… everyone pays attention to those.”

Chad (and Other Chad) can be seen playing for 15 minutes sometime between 8pm and Midnight tonight at that bar you usually walk past on your way to the bar you actually kind of like downtown Sarnia.