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Sarnia Fission – Big Box Food & Retail Show Begins

Walmart - Sarnia Fission

Are you ready to achieve Fission?

The annual celebration of food and overseas goods from large corporate chain stores returns for the fifth time in Sarnia.

“There’s something for everybody, and all from the same old stores,” says Fission Organizer Samantha Tomlinson.

“People in Sarnia absolutely love that they can buy all the prepackaged foods they enjoy tolerating without ever having to participate in local markets or be burdened with defining their tastes or developing relationships with strangers.”

Fission will host several popular stores offering great deals and samples of oversweetened and oversalted boxed foods from the USA that every single person in North America has tried before. This year, Canadian Tire will be once again selling pre-broken automotive and home maintenance products and Walmart will offer volunteers to help patrons carry the “really big cases of pop that they need” to their vehicles. The Beer Store will be serving samples of Old Milwaukee and Coors for absolutely no sensible reason at all.

“It’s so great that they’re doing this, I don’t want to bother going into places where I have to spend a dollar more or talk to a business owner. Stores like Walmart allow me to buy clothes and food produced in the same oppressed country without having to be oppressed with involvement in my own community,” said repeat patron Margaret Davis.

“I heard there’s another event in town tonight where I could experience some new things and meet people from our region who are really showing off what local food and drink is all about. That sounds weird and uncomfortable, I’m familiar with Walmart and Sears.”

Fission, Sarnia’s big box retail corporation food festival starts tonight at 7 pm at the Walmart Garden Centre.

Weed Whacker Becomes Sarnia’s Centennial Legacy Project

Weed Whacker Becomes Sarnia’s Centennial Legacy Project

Sarnia’s 2014 legacy project has taken a new shape — that of a “weed wacker.”

The Centennial Celebration Committee will be meeting with city council to present a new proposal on Monday, replacing the entire building project proposed originally and replacing it with a 16-Inch, 25 CC Weed Eater gas-powered grass and weed trimmer.

The weed trimmer (available at Canadian Tire for $89.99) will replace the $5-million construction plans with the means to remove a substantial amount of overgrowth in and around the Centennial Park grounds that have been closed off for several months.

“People like when the city maintains their land,” Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said.

Members of the legacy committee are very excited, says Liz Kenny, the Centennial Celebration Chair.

“Weed whackers have been an important part of life in Sarnia for years and we’re very excited to be going this direction,” she said. “We plan on having events for the whole family so everyone can enjoy the sights and sounds of an entire park being maintained by a lone man wearing a dust mask for hours on end.”

The committee says the legacy project is still expected to exceed $4-million in costs.

“Just trust us,” said Kenny. “Nothing is more important to us than making sure we spend this money using nepotism in a most exciting way.”