Mayor Upset He Can’t ‘Angry’ Scrapbook On Weekends

Sarnia Post - Bradley Upset He Can't Access Angry Scrapbook

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley learned this past weekend that he was no longer permitted access to city hall during off-hours, preventing him from working on his latest scrapbooking project.

“I can be mad at whoever I want and talk to them however I want, It’s not fair of them to micromanage my behaviour like this,” said Bradley.

“When I’m done, if I want to paste pictures of staff next to famous despots and draw birds pooping on them, I could always do that too but that’s apparently a problem now.”

Bradley went on to explain how the city could have saved “a dollar fifty” if they just left his keycard alone.

“Do the taxpayers of Sarnia really want to foot the bill for this vendetta? Nobody can be held accountable if I can’t make people feel bad about themselves without the constraints of being held accountable myself, or workplace regulations.”

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