First Friday: See Chad’s Band Tonight

Chad's Band to play at First Friday show

Once again it’s First Friday, where all manner of food, art and musical entertainment are enjoyed in Sarnia’s downtown area.

This week, you can see Chad’s Band play.

“We’re not so much a cover band, but more of a band that like…plays a lot of sort-of covers,” Chad said as he glanced over to Other Chad.

Other Chad’s performance is important to him.

“Yeah, we want to make sure that we are so loud that anyone who didn’t realize that bands might be playing tonight and decided to have a casual meal or drink with a friend can’t enjoy themselves,” he said. “They probably won’t want to pay attention to oddly timed versions of songs they ignore on the radio so it’s the only way to make them pay attention.”

“It’s also important that we take ourselves seriously enough that it’s off-putting,” Chad explained. “But just when people get comfortable with that though, we want to make sure we stop playing and start joking around to interrupt their conversations before we play another song twice as loud.”

First Friday events have been quite popular during the past couple years, though attendance seems to wax and wane a bit.

“Sometimes next to nobody shows up at our shows and we say we don’t care,” Chad said. “It is a bummer though and we don’t understand it because we send out like a thousand of those Facebook event invitation things… everyone pays attention to those.”

Chad (and Other Chad) can be seen playing for 15 minutes sometime between 8pm and Midnight tonight at that bar you usually walk past on your way to the bar you actually kind of like downtown Sarnia.

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