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Letters: About My Tax Dollars

Dominion of Canada Money - 1900 25 Cents

RE: Current Issues, Whatever They Are

About my tax dollars. My tax dollars are my tax dollars. Tax dollars? Tax dollars. I’m a tax payer. And I’ve had it up to here because of my tax dollars. Tax dollars. Tax dollars and tax dollars and tax payers are what you should be thinking about. Tax dollars are what I’m thinking about.

When you make a decision about tax dollars, do you think about tax dollars? The crooks who made a decision about something today probably didn’t because they don’t know what it’s like to think about tax dollars every day. Politicians are all the same. They make decisions and use tax dollars. Even if they’ve been collected from me, don’t belong to me anymore and I have no idea what is happening in this city or what it needs because I’d have to stop watching CSI and baseball to find out, I’m mad because tax dollars were spent. Sometimes I see a newspaper when I go get a coffee and they’re always talking about spending my tax dollars. TAX DOLLARS? Yes, tax dollars. Tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars. My tax dollars. Tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars.

Our tax dollars, my tax dollars. Tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars, tax dollars.
Tax dollars. Tax, dollars. My tax dollars. Mine. My tax dollars and your tax dollars, my tax dollars and your tax dollars, the more we tax dollars together, the more tax dollars we’ll be. Tax dollars, tax dollars. Tax dollars. Tax dollars. This little tax dollars went to the market but got stuck there because of tax dollars. These tax dollars are too cold. These tax dollars are too hot. My tax dollars are just right. All tax dollars and no tax dollars make Robert a poor boy. I didn’t work my whole life so that people could spend my tax dollars on things.

Tax dollars. Tax dollars.

Get a grip, and remember at election time. Tax dollars.

Robert McCleary, Sarnia


(image: Jbeaulieu/wikimediacommons, CC BY-SA 3.0)